steamVR works on nDisplay but only when the project is opened in UE editor . Why is that?

i’ve been trying to figure out the reason for that issue for over a week now. here is what i have gathered.

the controller / trackers works fine in the editor, but when i run the project in nDisplay 4.27 using switchboard the vive stops tracking after 5 seconds. also when i turn off the vive controller and back on it detects the vive tracker for several seconds then the tracked frustum stops. and one thing i’ve noticed is that when the room setup is back on the vive controller starts tracking again in nDIsplay but without the current calibrations, and closing the room setup panel the calibration gets reestablished.

I suspect the problem is in steamVR

currently i’m using steamVR Version 1.19.7 (1629236071)
Built Aug 18, 2021 at 00:34