SteamVR / Vive Proper Pawn Set up for Motion Controller Use

I am having some issues with getting motion controller tracking working with 4.10.1.

The two resources I have used are the documentation here: and the video here: Setting Up VR Motion Controllers | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

One difference I have noticed is in the video Sam Deiter adds the Steam VR Chaperone to his Pawn as a component. Something not mentioned in the documentation.

Regardless of adding it or not I see zero movement of simple static meshes I have added as children of the motion controller components. Tracking of moving around the space / looking around works just fine as does using the headset and controllers with the SteamVR tutorial.

I am basing my Pawn on DefaultPawn. Here is a picture of the setup: Pawn Setup Image

Any advice on setup, debugging / troubleshooting steps or a sample project to test with beyond the links above would be helpful.

Are the static meshes “moveable” ?

Having the same problem. Did you manage to fix this?

In case anyone else comes across this question looking for a solution. I had a similar issue from following the documentation but was able to solve it by parenting my motion controller components to the Scene component on my vr pawn. I did have to adjust the rotation on the static meshes to get them to orient correctly from the default models from Steam.

I followed these guides from the documentation:


Sorry about the necro but I can not find any other post about this topic and the documentation as well as the suggested solution fall flat.

The 4.17 documentation fails in 4.23 and it differs from the video as not only does the video use the chaperone but also the documentation requires a static mesh not mentioned in the above video link. If setting up the controllers and mesh under the “Scene” or “VROrigin” the controllers mesh still fail to appear or move.

Is there any better documentation for setting up controllers or using the SteamVR hands that are so easily used in Unity? I Also tried the SteamVR git with 4.24.3 and could see the hands but the functionality is severely limited compared to working with the same tool in Unity and I would really like to switch to Unreal but this a deal killer.