SteamVR Positional Tracking Doesn't Affect Ingame Camera

How is the SteamVR’s positional tracking being used to update the camera view? Following the instructions for setting up UE4 for SteamVR, I can get the ingame camera manager to update its rotation to match the headset’s rotation (bFollowHmdOrientation=True). And the player’s view is updating to reflect the headset’s position, in that as I walk through space, my view moves through the game world. However, none of the objects in scene seem to be changing their positions in game. I’ve checked the playercontroller, cameracontroller and pawn, and all their positions remain where I spawned them.

What’s more, I can’t get the camera’s view to stop updating its position. This means the view displayed to the HMD doesn’t match the actual ingame location of the player. This makes it very difficult if I want to do things like attach a mesh to the pawn representing the player, as the camera view is always offset from the pawn. I can get around this by having the camera manager posses a completely separate camera and then update the position of a completely different mesh using get HMD orientation and position. However this is less than ideal, since even then there’s no way to get the actual in game viewpoint.