SteamVR Motion Controller Input


I’m having a really hard time getting the buttons/pads on the SteamVR controllers to work with Unreal. The triggers seem to work fine, and Unreal responds to touching the trackpads. However that response is entirely binary - its either on or off. Is there some secret way to get the other buttons to work? I’ve not found anything through Google beyond some old posts about pre-4.8 issues with multiple controllers.

Anyone? 10char

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Not a lot of us VR developers have Vive/Steam VR Motion Controllers, so direct epic feedback would be your best bet. Try asking the question on answerhub

Fair enough. I figured the control schema was the same for the normal Steam controller as with the VR controllers. I’ll give AnswerHub a try. \


I don’t check here too often so didn’t see this. We do a lot with Vive. We just use the action mapping system. It is a bit weird to know which input to bind but we have found you use the “GamePad\MotionController” inputs.

They seem to work fine for us.