SteamVR (htc vive) screenshot of distorted images

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to get screenshots of the images that are projected in the goggles (distorted). I am using Unreal 4.22 and HTC vive pro.
Below are the options I’ve tried:

  1. I can use from the Blueprint the node ‘set spectator mode’ to single-eye, undistorted, and so on. But not the ‘distorted’ mode.
    I read that SteamVR does not support that, only Occulus Rift.

  2. I also tried the ‘headset mirror’ from SteamVR. From the main, I can select different options, but not the distorted one.
    If I do ‘screenshot all’, I get the images from each eye (clean images), and also the distorted one (as a stereo)! But the image is not good, it is not stable:

Is there any way I can get the screenshot of the distorted image, and save it in an EXR format using the options:

I would be very happy if you have any suggestions/options to tackle the problem.

Thanks a lot!!!