SteamVR Bindings preventing VR template scene from working - 4.24.1

Hi all,

Every scene I have created using 4.24.1 no longer works with the VR template when it is packaged. 4.23 works perfectly. I have tested with the default template scene using both engine versions, and it is only 4.24 that refuses to cooperate.

Essentially what is happening is the vive controllers are no longer being tracked, and within the headset, SteamVr is throwing up a window stating “Vive Controller binding for “My Project Name” was not set. Please select a binding option from the list or create a new one.” Creating new bindings doesn’t work, as none of the action mappings appear as options in the controller binding menu.

If I package the project with pak files, I can take the SteamVRBindings folder from the base engine version install, put it in the config folder in the packaged game, and the controllers will then track, but with no bindings.

Incredibly frustrating and embarrassing to have to push out deadlines because of something so elementary. I suppose I should take some of the blame for using the latest version without testing, thought it seems bizarre that the UE4 template would not work out of the box… I see the SteamVR is now “built in” to 4.24, so I have a suspicion this is to blame. I’m also very aware I may be missing something basic… I hope so!

Any tips/info greatly appreciated!

Hey, even I faced the same issue. We found a weird fix for it, maybe you can also try that.

  1. I exported my bindings from the steamvVR interface, they by default go to your Document\steamvr\input\exports.
  2. I copied it to builld directory\ProjectName\Config\SteamVRBindings.
  3. There is a steamvr_manifest.json file, copy your bindings in this folder and maybe rename it also to a shorter name.
  4. Add these lines in the manifest file before “localization”.
   "default_bindings" : 
         "binding_url" : "TestBinding.json",
         "controller_type" : "vive_controller"
  1. In the binding URL, copy the name of your exported bindings, that you copied from the Documents.
  2. Save it, and run.
    Hope it helps.

P.S. : config folder get generated only after you run your build for the first time.