SteamVR automatic resolution

Hi there,

So I read that Valve released a new version of SteamVR that will automatically set the resolution of all SteamVR apps based on their benchmarking database. From what I gather, it’s not a system that will dynamically adjust resolution but rather it will just set a specific resolution on startup based on your GPU.

I’m just wondering how this works exactly. Does this mean that I shouldn’t set the resolution in my project at all and just leave it to SteamVR to do it? If I set the resolution myself in the project (or manage to implement dynamic resolution), will there be some kind of conflict where either SteamVR or my app takes precedence?

The answer is that in Steam VR you can choose whether or not to override the internal resolution settings of a specific app. The default is for Steam VR to not interfere with the resolution as far as I know.