SteamVR and overlays

I have a game, built in UE4 4.24, and using Steamworks sdk v146. I’m trying to get Steam’s overlays, achievement toasts, and message toasts to display when playing in VR. Right now, our game displays the overlay when you hit shift-tab on the second screen display, the 2d non-vr screen. We also have game invites working with SteamFriends::ActivateGameOverlayInviteDialog, which also puts the invite overlay on the second screen. Same with achievement popup overlays.

If Steam is running in VR mode, none of those overlays get displayed, in either screen.

I have downloaded a number of VR games from the Steam store to see how others have implemented overlays. Many games have a Steam VR overlay pop up, in the VR display, when pressing a menu button. These apps also display achievement and message popups in VR. Many of them seem to be made with Unity, but I’m not sure if or how that is relevant. I haven’t seen any games that try to use SteamFriends::ActivateGameOverlayInviteDialog in VR.

What am I missing? What do I need to do to get achievement and message popups to show up when Steam is running in VR mode?
Are there some checkboxes on the Steam admin pages for my game that would make things work?
Are there different sdk/plugins I should be using? Or a different way to set up steamworks?