Steam VR Shipping Build is blurry?

The basics are forward rendering and MSAA, vr.pixel 1. but Blurry in shipping.
Thanks for the info…

i guess you have to give more infos how you build up your scene. Did you use blueprints and command lines? How blurry is the shipping build? A little in the distance or the whole picture?
Is it the textures or the resolution and AA? For me, the vr doesn´t look the same as in the editor or preview… Some effects are missing and some command lines are overwritten by steam?
I do r.SetRes 2880x1600w as a command line… but when i start steam it overwrites it with default HTC Vive values like 2160x1200… No matter what i input in the blueprint.
Maybe we can find together a solution for our problems. :wink: