[Steam VR] Problem with Windows MR(Samsung Odyssey) Controller not tracked

Hi, first of all I am new to Unreal Engine, so any “noob” thing might be relevant for me.

Problem: My Samsung Odyssey does not work with Unreal Engine(Play->VR Preview). My Headset works fine(looking around) but the controllers are not visible/tracked. I followed the “how to for motion controller”: with SteamVR. Inside the VRPawn BP I can see it even recognizes the Windows MR controllers(otherwise it would be Vive controller I guess?), see attached image.

So basically I installed (I think) all related software for Windows MR and Steam, because I can play any steam VR game and also I can develop in Unity using my Samsung Odyssey.
And furthermore, the only thing I did(which is according to the how to) is basically create a VRPawn -> Add Component(Motion Controller) -> Motion Source:Left(also for right of course).

Everytime I press Play->VR Preview I also see SteamVR popping up, showing the headset and both controllers as green(Side note: for this to work you need to install Windows MR in Steam, so I did that as well…).