Steam VR MotionController movement incorrect in UE411

Recently we switched our engine version from UE410 to UE411
In Steam VR the MotionController’s movement is incorrect.
for example, if I put my hand forward in the game my hand is move along right forward and I move my hand right forward but in the game I can see my hand move along forward.

it seem like the X-Asix and Y-Asix totally changged.

We’re having the same exact issue.


Try setting up the VR camera using this guide:

Hopefully that will fix it.

Good call Jesse, that worked for me too. To Migrate the VR setup described in the 4.10 docs to 4.11, I set “Player camera manager class” to None in VR_PlayerController, then in VR_Pawn, I clicked Add Component and added a camera under DefaultSceneRoot.

It helped me thank u very much

You can follow this template to set up your project.
Just create pawn class.And migrate the logic in this class.