Steam VR crashing as a result of Oculus Launching

I am unable to use Steam VR on my UE4 project. I have an Oculus Rift S, I have the steam VR plug in enabled, and when I launch my project, Steam VR does not launch, and I cannot launch it from inside the project by using the Steam VR buttons.

When my project launches, if no VR processes are open (Oculus, Steam VR) Oculus will launch first, and I’ll never see steam VR because oculus forces it to crash.

If I go into task manager and rapidly close the Oculus process each time it tries to launch Steam VR will launch without issue, but it will close as soon as I stop attacking oculus (It will report that it has encountered an issue and needs to close). This issue persists even if the Oculus plug in is disabled. Since oculus tries to launch whenever any VR process becomes active on my machine, and there is no way to block it.

As a result of this, I cannot set up my bindings inside of Steam VR. I don’t know if this issue is a result of Oculus, Steam VR, or Unreal, but it’s a huge issue for this project.

To replicate: I believe all you’d need to do is Launch a VR ue4 project with an oculus headset plugged in and set-up. (And the Steam VR plug in active). Steam VR shouldn’t ever come up, and the buttons inside of Project settings that launch Steam VR features wont work either.