Steam Session Ping 9999

I’ve pretty much exactly replicated network session management from Multiplayer Shootout example. Everything works, I can open a game and other players can find it via Steam online subsystem. player names are correctly transfered, how many current and max players also works fine.

However, session always shows a ping of 9999

This is my setup:

why did you open another question?
People are answering you here:

if this would be a bug, problem would occur on generic shooter and other projects also.

People are not answering, they are confusing problem. Stuff like “put session requests in tick event” aren’t helping, they make question just more difficult to follow.

I’ve double checked setup and it is exactly like in Multiplayer Shootout. Did you play that over Steam? Can you confirm problem does not exist in that project when you play over Steam? Didn’t think so.

Also things like “this problem would occur elsewhere” is not helping. If you don’t have experience or knowledge to be of real help, just don’t write anything.

I’ve opened this post again as a bug report, because obviously Epic’s staff is looking at bug reports at a higher priority as normal posts and if this can be reproduced, and therefore confirmed as a bug within engine’s session calls, this needs to be addressed asap.

Some people have deadlines to meet.

And before someone asks: yes, we’re using multiple computers with multiple steam accounts, every time session shows ping of 9999. Everything else is showing up correctly.

yes i also have my deadline, you can add me on steam or skype maybe we can look into this together… I have my problems with blueprint sessions also!
Take a look here:

as i said: for me only time i had 9999 ping was when session was invalid or tried to test server & client on 1 steam account.
why didn’t you hook in player controller as i asked you before in 1st thread? - still unanswered
if you have less time you should work with stuff you definately know it will work, like shooter template…exposing stuff to bp if you need to
and mate: im pretty sure people don’t want to confuse you, they want to help.
So you could be thankful for any try of help!
putting this into bug section only because it is faster is not a nice way, and you didn’t even react on questions of other developers in thread you posted first which is also not very friendly and does not fit if you really want help.

best wishes

Hook in player controller to what? widget? widget doesn’t matter! widget is fine without a controller! Don’t you see that you cannot help me? So why do you keep showing up with more comments? I don’t care about your problems and I don’t want to be your friend, ok?

I have posted a simple question and nothing you have said can answer it. All you do is post useless comments and more questions.

If you cannot answer question, DON’T COMMENT!

I will not be thankful for useless comments, so just stop it.

don’t worry i don’t want to be your friend, thats for sure :smiley:
but theres no need to be rude… i understand you, missing knowledge can be frustrating…
i wish you good luck waiting for your answer(s), mate :slight_smile:

I’ve looked through your post history. Our problems do not seem related. I can create a session and I can even play with my friend over Steam. So I don’t think it is a problem that whole session or online subsystem setup is invalid (like it might be in your case? I don’t know!).

I work with engine for about a year now and I have barely enough experience and knowledge to make my own game work half-decent. I get a lot of help just reading through AnswerHub, forums and tutorials.

That is exactly why I am not here trying to help other people. Because “fishing in dark” is something I expect everyone can do without my “help”.

So I appreciate that you are trying to help, but unfortunately I think that we are not in same boat here and we cannot help each other.

Hi Blue669,

Just to be sure: you’re running this in a packaged game, on two different systems, with Steam client enabled? It may be helpful to take a look at your logs. In DefaultEngine.ini file (in Config folder for your project), add following and save:


Then run through game again as normal and get us most recent logs. You can find logs in your project’s Saved\Logs folder. Let us see logs for both Server and Client, please. Thanks!

Yes, all of these are correct. I get ping 9999 100% of time, no exceptions, even from different friends’ computers.

These logs are not running for a packaged version, so how am I supposed to get them from both machines? My friends don’t have UE4 editor.

logs dir from my user folder (where packaged games save) is also empty.

Have them run executable through a shortcut, with " -log" pasted at end of Target.

Actually, strike that. Easiest way is for them to go to folder you gave them and get logs from GameName\Saved\Logs folder, which is what I meant to tell you first time =)

So I told my friend to launch game on Steam with launch parameter “-log”. I cannot find any logs anywhere.
Shouldn’t it be under user directory, appdata, local, gamename, saved? I can find my save games there, but logs directory is empty.

Ah, I apologize, I didn’t realize you were opening it through Steam client (I thought you simply had it enabled for testing purposes). Let me look into that and I’ll let you know.

Can you test same packaged project by giving your friends package folder and run the .exe within while their Steam client is open? Then they should have logs inside folder I mentioned above. Let me know if same issue occurs in that scenario.

I’m checking with networking devs here about your situation. In meantime, can you verify that you’ve set up Steamworks SDK and included Unreal Engine Steam module as part of your project, as described here? And are you using SteamDevAppId of 480, or your own?

Package folder? Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

If I try to start stand-alone game from anywhere but Steam, Steam overlay does not show up and subsystem does not seem to work at all. I have to start game through Steam client to have subsystem work.

There seems to be another problem that might be related. After I disconnect from host and destroy session on client, I can reconnect to same host. However, after about one minute, I get just thrown out of game. Could this be related? Or is this something else like garbage collector not unregistering first connection or something?

Yes, I’ve gone through process. I was using a helper-tool found in forums called something like Steam-setup, but I’ve double checked modified files and they seem exactly how they are supposed to look like. I can use every feature, I can see Steam-usernames, I can unlock achievements and see them in my profile and everything.

I’m also using Steamworks SDK version 1.32, which is what I believe recommended version to use with UE4?

I’m using my own appid 321270

Hey , I spoke with a networking dev and this is what he had to say:

9999 is a hardcoded value I have in there for “unreachable”. Assuming he means a client on a machine is trying to connect to another machine server then it could be a firewall issue, which is the #1 issue people seem to get wrong when trying to develop for Steam. Is he using lobbies or game server APIs? latter requires ports to be open on his firewall, former doesn’t.

Finding logs for Steam games should still be \saved\logs as always. It might be in the


or it might be MyDocuments.

disconnect after a minute issue could be p2p connection code that a github user posted a fix for. […] there is a “keep disconnected connection in an array for some time” after people disconnect. If he waits a long time and reconnects does it happen? or no matter how long he waits this happens?

Hi, we’re having same issue. PingInMs variable in FOnlineSessionSearchResult always shows 9999 on listed servers. Every other information seems correct (such as player count, server name etc). We’re also using Steam, and are using lobby API (but just to make sure it wasn’t ports, we’ve opened 27000 - 27015 and 7777-8000 - udp and tcp).

Hi Omberone,

Please see if you can find logs from both Server and Client in locations suggested above, and attach them here. Thanks!

Hi all,

We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to resolve this post for tracking purposes. If you’re able to find logs as suggested above, or have any further information for us to test this, please feel free to attach them in a response here and we’ll continue assisting. Thanks!