Steam Online Subsystem - Find Sessions issue ( 4.27 and 5.0 )

I’m currently working on a Blueprint-only project with 2 players multiplayer but I’m not able to get a working game. For reference, one computer has UE5 installed, the other is running a packaged build.

  • Updated the DefaultEngine file following Unreal documentation
  • Set bInitServerOnClient=true ( I should be using sessions since it’s 1 vs 1 )
  • Packaged as Shipping
  • Added the steam_appid.txt inside the Binaries/Win64 folder

The Client always returns 0 sessions found.

Checked the Host logs and noticed this:

[2022.06.02-10.27.11:999][426]LogOnline: Warning: STEAM: AUTH: CreateServerSteam is calling the depricated AdvertiseGame call

Checked the Client logs as well, and Find Sessions did return 50 entries but they were all from different games so all failed as valid ones. Since results are capped to 50, does this mean you have to spam the Find Sessions command until you get your own game session?

Also tried to package as Development but got the same outcome.


I hope this finds you well and helps. :slight_smile: