Steam Multiplayer Tutorial Series?


since I saw the “VR Networking and 3D Menus” Stream on Youtube I’m really looking forward to see the announced tutorial series (

Are there any news regarding the release of this series?
Unfortunately the whole multiplayer part - especially in conjunction with steam - is not very well documented at the moment and I’m sure that many people are waiting for this series to come out :slight_smile:

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I think it’s time to bump this thread :">

Did this even land?

Hey Daniel,

Appreciate the patience. Just wanted to jump in here and let you know that this has not been forgotten and has been something I have been working on in my spare time. The good news is that the project is complete and the video series had been recorded just before the holiday break. It is now in the hands of our video department for editing and should be released soon. I don’t have a time frame of when, but the turn around for the team here to publish the videos is pretty quick.

The series is 21 videos from start to finish and will include the following topics:

  • Server/Client connectivity.
  • Host defined game options replicated to clients.
  • Multiplayer Lobby setup with Chat System.
  • Multiplayer Character Select.
  • Player customization replicated across the network.
  • Implementing the Steam Online Subsystem.

I hope to take this further once this initial chunk of Blueprint Networking content goes live.

I’m book marking this thread and will post here when I have an update in terms of release time frame.



Bookmarking it too, I really want to watch those tutorial videos about networking :slight_smile:

i hope, since this is network guide, you didn’t spawn widgets in character blueprint and dont use “get player controller (index 0)” in character bp, instead of “pawn controller”, i saw a lot of newbies watch your single player series and made those mistakes.

Hey Wes, great to hear! Can’t wait for it to land :slight_smile:

This is actually pretty huge, I have made the mistake of using Get Player Controller or Get Player Character. How you script certain things drastically changes once you get into non-local multiplayer. Most stuff straight up breaks.

Any news yet Wes?

+1, would love to check out this tutorial series.

Wes, are you doing this in C++ or Blueprint? I’d personally like to see the former!

+1 agree. gunslinger example was quite confusing and gave me some bad ideas at first.

Hey buddy, Wes did say “I hope to take this further once this initial chunk of Blueprint Networking content goes live.”

Hopefully that includes some C++ things later down the line.

Thanks for the update, Wes! I’m really looking forward for those 21 videos :slight_smile:

The gunslinger example is quite nice but it’s unfortunately extremely basic and in some areas also slightly buggy. I hope in general that Epic will pay more attention to multiplayer features in the future and also expose more subsystem specific functions to blueprint.

For example some really crucial stuff like inviting friends from the steam friend’s list to your session, getting their avatars etc.  is currently only possible in c++ or via the “Advanced Sessions Plugin” by mordentral who did a really great job on this.
I’d really like to see all these cool features natively integrated in Blueprint because you simply need them in order to create great online games.

So please, Epic, focus more on Multiplayer :slight_smile: For me personally, this upcoming video series is a great step in the right direction :slight_smile:


Seems like there will be no tutorials ;_; networking in BP or C++ needs some love, some serious network architecture like in ARK or Paragon explained like your other tutorials could give me an ******. Still waiting :smiley:

Hey Guys,

Appreciate the patience. Latest update is that our video team is currently working on this as well as several other projects. The editor who is working on it says that he should be able to finish it by the end of next week when I pinged him for an update. I’m also working on a way to release the project as well to go along with the series.

This particular series was done in Blueprint, however we haven’t ruled out converting the project to a C++ tutorial as well similar to other projects we’ve done with Blueprint/C++ parity. Will need to work this out with our C++ guy on our team as he’d be able to put this together better than I could. :slight_smile:

The series was longer than I expected but covered quite a bit of the front end stuff and getting players connected. I do want to expand upon it though down the road.


Just wanted to join the discussion by telling how c++ version would be much appreciated. Even simple documentation for c++ version would be enough since things are probably explained thoroughly on BP videos anyway.

Great news Wes :slight_smile: thanks for an update. Can’t wait to see these videos and I hope so that you will expand this topic in future :cool:

Thank you for the update, Wes! :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to watch the tutorial!

Any news regarding the release of the series? :o