Steam multiplayer test failed (of course it did) .

Hello, I wanted to test Steam multiplayer with 480 steamappid and managed to do everything right, packaged in development , steamappid.txt copied to both executable folders where game exe are located. Set defaultengine. ini with bInitServerOnClient=true (without ; (in official documentation) that is there for some reason) and started (successfully) hosting my game. The problem is that on my other (laptop) PC when it should list the hosting server (of my first PC), it doesn’t list anything. Sometime it lists some Windrill server name (presumably some Steam user also testing his game or something), but not my pc hosting server. Both PCs are on same internet connection(Wi-Fi). Changing download region settings in steam doesn’t do anything. Using UE 5.03 launcher version. Both PCs on different steam accounts and running on steam.
Always something, isn’t it .

Enabled steam sockets plugin and added appropriate line in defaultenginie.ini


packaged the game and still nothing.

In editor it all works (hosting and joining), but even in editor I get this message :

LogLoad: Took 0.054084 seconds to LoadMap(/Game/mape/mapa1)
LogNet: Error: UEngine::BroadcastNetworkFailure: FailureType = FailureReceived, ErrorString = Host closed the connection., Driver = GameNetDriver IpNetDriver_5
LogNet: Warning: Network Failure: GameNetDriver[FailureReceived]: Host closed the connection.
LogNet: NetworkFailure: FailureReceived, Error: ‘Host closed the connection.’
LogNet: UNetConnection::Close: [UNetConnection] RemoteAddr: , Name: IpConnection_4, Driver: GameNetDriver IpNetDriver_5, IsServer: NO, PC: PlayerController_1, Owner: PlayerController_1, UniqueId: NULL:, Channels: 11, Time: 2022.11.12-20.03.08
LogNet: UChannel::Close: Sending CloseBunch. ChIndex == 0. Name: [UChannel] ChIndex: 0, Closing: 0 [UNetConnection] RemoteAddr: , Name: IpConnection_4, Driver: GameNetDriver IpNetDriver_5, IsServer: NO, PC: PlayerController_1, Owner: PlayerController_1, UniqueId: NULL:
LogNet: Error: UEngine::BroadcastNetworkFailure: FailureType = ConnectionLost, ErrorString = Your connection to the host has been lost., Driver = GameNetDriver IpNetDriver_5

and still it joins the hosting server and I can move around as intended (both server and client).

Is it because the engine and the project are not source build?
Could that be the reason?

Just downloaded steam sdk 1.55 and there is no steamclient64.dll in redistributable/win64 folder or in any folder.

SteamSockets net drivers only works if the Steam SDK can be initialized. If you are using the Steam Online Subsystem, than you are all set. Except for editor test. You should always use the Null Online Subsytem with the IP net drivers while testing inside the editor. I also recommend disabling the “Run Under One Process” in the advanced play settings.

No idea what you just said. Im going to develop the game anyway and use that Lyra thing later when 5.1 is released. Dont want to be bothered wit this things now. Thanks for the reply.

Open a regular Steam Client and go to “View → Servers”. Try searching for your server there. That may help you narrow down whether it’s the client not finding the server or the server failing to register the session.

Yes, there is my session name in history tab and lan tab, nothing on internet tab.

There is my session when I start hosting in LAN tab, but I have LAN disabled in code when creating session.

There is a session on LAN tab and hosting pc, but nothing showing on other pc.