Steam DLLs not present or failed to load

Hello, I’m trying to get Steamworks version 130 sdk working.

I have followed and double checked the following procedures

Engine Guide

Rama’s Guide

Very simliar Problem on Answerhub

I wasn’t interested in downgrading the SDK to try. I wanted to find the root cause of my problem, so I posted here for others, because the official documentation is missing a step.

I figured out in my case there was 1 more step to do.

Search for
#define STEAM_SDK_VER TEXT(“Steamv129a”)

inside of the “OnlineSubsystemSteamPrivatePCH.h” file and change it to “Steamv130” or whatever your SDK version is. Do a compile, and you should be GOLDEN!

I wasn’t for sure how to handle this problem and answer case, but I wanted someplace for others to see this solution. This was the one change to fix my Steam DLLs not loading, by following the Official instructions line by line.

If we can get this changed in the documentation great! I really hope this helps others as I spent several hours debugging this. :slight_smile:

I’ll see about modifying the documentation as you suggested, this is only relevant if compiling from GitHub and shouldn’t be done if using our binaries directly.

I just added the path to the error message to be more clear in the future as well. It will come over in a future release.

Thank you!

Hi Josh, what file structure do you use for the binary build then? Is it always the same? This link says to name the folder Steamv130, but I am using version 133b of the sdk.

Edit: Nevermind, since I am using the binary build I needed to put the steamworks files into: