Steam Auth

Hi, I am trying to learn Steam multiplayer p2p connections on Unreal Engine 4, I am using advanced sessions plugin to do it. I have 2 different Steam account and computer to test it, and working fine. But my problem is sessions not updating for find sessions check. What I mean is, when I create session with extra settings and max players etc, it works fine, but when I join with another computer into the server, it joins perfectly but player count not increases from 1 to 2. Even if I change extra settings and update session with new settings, it still not updating for client. I searched on the internet and some people says that I need to activate steam auth to update these, but the problem is when I activate it, clients kicked because of steam auth while travelling from lobby to map. In the wiki it says;

### SteamAuth Delegates

There are two Delegates in the SteamAuth system that developers may wish to override: `OverrideFailureDelegate` and `OnAuthenticationResultDelegate`.

`OverrideFailureDelegate` is called with the `FUniqueNetId` of a player when that player attempts to join the server without Steam authentication, or when that player loses Steam authentication during the session. By default, SteamAuth will kick the player from the game. However, if this Delegate is bound, the default behavior will be suspended, so developers will have to kick the player manually if that behavior is still desired.

`OnAuthenticationResultDelegate` handles responses from Steam's authentication service, providing the `FUniqueNetId` of the player and a boolean indicating whether the authentication attempt succeeded.

I understand there are some delegates for override Steam auth, but honestly I don’t understand how to use them to override. I am using BP but if c++ needed for it, I can try to do it, but honestly I don’t really know where to start. I am not asking for full explanation, but if you tell me where to start or how to start, or how to override this functions, I can be really appreciated. Thank you.

You have to register the player with the session. When the player joins the game, the GameMode class notifies the GameSession class that’ll register the player.

Hi, thank you for answer, I am trying to figure out what I need to do, basically I am using Join Session for players, so don’t them register to session automatically? Do I need to do something more?