Steam App Ticket to FString

i am struggeling to get a usable version of the Steam App Ticket to my Serverside to authenticate the client.

I am basically using these lines to obtain this ticket:

FString SessionTicket = OnlineInterface->GetIdentityInterface()->GetAuthToken(0);
 return SessionTicket;

they give me output like this:


but this output ist completely useless for me due to the fact that usual encrypted app tickets are half the size (i can create them with my server to have a reference), and the server is not able to decrypt this. somehow the conversion to FString ruins the Format of the ticket.

i need a solution to get this ticket in a usable format into the FString.

Or maybe i am thinking wrong and there is another way to accomplish my goal…
i don’t know, pls help


This looks like a GameSparks request to me (is that right?)

This link suggests that the problem is that you’ve not correctly authenticated (which would be what’s required in order to get a session token). I guess this could be for a number of reasons, but the API key seems most likely:

no you are wrong i am not using GameSparks i am using a selfcoded node.js server

i assume that. because the serverside method works directly on that what you just described as the data that enters the application.

but i could be wrong because i am not 100% sure that OnlineInterface->GetIdentityInterface()->GetAuthToken(0); returns a encrypted steam app ticket

this are the steps i wan’t to full fill:

The client must call ISteamUser::RequestEncryptedAppTicket and wait for the ISteamUser::EncryptedAppTicketResponse_t call result.
The client must then call ISteamUser::GetEncryptedAppTicket to retrieve the user’s encrypted ticket and send that ticket to the secured server.

Ah, fair enough. So at the point your data enters the application (before the conversion to FString) is it correct?

the problem was not the FString conversion but the content in GetAuthToken(0). It was a session ticket not an app ticket