Stationery lights overlap resulting in red cross

Hello everyone.

I do know that you will get a Red X warning if you have 4 or more lights overlapping. But my game take place mainly in a house, & in raleaity, many lights will not have the chance to overlap as they are separated by walls.

Imagine this corridor, if I put another light on the other side of the wall (a room), I get a red X

Is there any way to limit the some lights to an area or room (not referring to the light radius).

Explained here:

“Stationary Lights are limited to a maximum of 4 being able to overlap at one time. Once you have 5 or more Stationary Lights overlapping, the one with the smallest radius will start casting dynamic shadows, which have a higher performance cost.”
That’s because the direct shadows are stored in the shadowmap, and that shadowmap texture has four channels. The number of texture channels is the limitation here.

Yes, I know this, but thanks.

My question is are we able to overcome this is if the lights are in self contain rooms, & set the lights to only light these rooms, hence will have less than 4 overlap lights?

You have to make sure that you don’t have more than 4 overlapping their radius. You can use as many as you like in your levels so long as no more than 4 of them are overlapping. Just reduce the radius of the light to remove the issue.

Also, keep in mind that the Directional Light that is set to Stationary will count as 1 as well. So, if you’re using that you’ll need to make sure that you don’t overlap more than 3 in any given area since the Directional Light does not have a radius control.


I guess I have to use radius & creative sue of my light placement, & illumination to solve the issue I have.