Stationary shadows issues with cloth sim

I’m having issues with shadows on a skeletal mesh with cloth. This is what shadows look like when the cloth is enabled:

Note that not only are the shadows blurry but the mesh isn’t lit very well. For comparison, this is what it looks like when cloth is disabled:

Based on what I could find online, stationary light shadow resolution is based on the mesh bounds, and sure enough when I enable bounds view on the mesh this is it with cloth enabled vs disabled:

I’ve messed with every setting relating to bounds I could find with no luck. The only way I found to get around this is to use dynamic lights for everything. Another thought I had was maybe try to set up a few extra bones for the scarf and fake cloth simulation with physics on that, but my preference would be to get this working as is if possible.

I’m using 4.17.1, the mesh was made in Blender, and cloth was set up as it says in the docs.

Hello, same trouble. Maybe you solved this problem?

Hi. Do you have a Physics Asset associated with your Skeletal Mesh? Bounds are calculated based on that during play time.
Exporting from Blender always give me oversized bounds. But after creating a Physics Asset and adding it to the Skeletal Mesh, the bounds are fine during gameplay. I never generate it automatically, I create one manually.

Unfortunately, no.

I have edited my physics asset, but the bounds still get way larger when (and only when) cloth is enabled. Is there something specific you did?

(Kinda funny this thread just got revived, because I just recently started working on this project again after taking a break because I was too busy with other things…)

The bounds look the same (too big) in the Character Editor but they are fine during play time for me. Have you tried it in PIE?

No such luck. I’m thinking I’ll just make it with physics bones…