Stationary point light's dynamic shadow distance is tiny?

Here is a basic scene with a movable point light + some movable boxes:

And here is the same scene, but with the point light’s mobility set to stationary:

Notice how the shadows for the movable meshes don’t show up until the camera is very close to them.
I’ve attached the scene for your perusal here, can anyone help me out? Is there some setting I’ve missed somewhere (I’ve dug through the details panel for the light+meshes, and some console commands), or is this a bug?
Checking ‘far shadow’ and ‘dynamic inset shadow’ for the meshes doesn’t change anything, and the point light when set to stationary but with lighting not built shadows correctly.

Per-object shadows like the ones used when you have movable components with a stationary light (built) are faded out based on screen size and the defaults error on the side of being fast, rather than correct.

The defaults are:
r.Shadow.FadeResolution 64 (shadowmap size at which the fade begins)
r.Shadow.MinResolution 32 (shadowmap size at which the shadow is fully faded)

Shadowmap size is derived from screen size so these are effectively screen size thresholds. You can set your own defaults for these in your project’s DefaultEngine.ini.