Stationary Light shadows look wrong

Hello, since yesterday I’ve been having a strange issue with how the mesh shadows produced by stationary lights look after I build any project.


Any of the more detailed props (more detailed than simple primitives) produce similar effects. It also happens with any kind of stationary light, be it point or direct. I tried playing around with all of the light’s and mesh’s settings with no success.
I didn’t change any settings before this started happening. And it started suddenly, after I remade some of the lights in my map and rebuilt it.

I’ve ran out of ideas. Any kind of help is appreciated :frowning:

For me it looks like that your lightmap resolution is too low -> change it in the properties of the static mesh that you have placed. When it won’t work, also raise the lightmap res of the wall/floor

You need to increase the lightmap resolution of the walls’(and also make sure they have proper lightmap UV’s.)

Okay, I’ve increased the lightmap resolution of both the mesh and the walls/floor. But now the shadow disappeared from the walls and is wrong on the floor.


It’s also strange because I’m pretty sure that I was not having this issue earlier.

Any other ideas?

Looks like you actually lowered the resolution instead of raising it. Are your walls and floor static meshes or BSP? Keep in mind that for static meshes you define the lightmap resolution directly, so a higher value means more detail, while for BSP you define the size of a lightmap texel so lower means more detail.

Additionally I would recommend using the lightmap density viewport mode. Makes it a lot easier to judge whether your lightmaps are sized correctly then looking at the final image.

Hi Risojo,

Can you post an image with your details panel for your plant mesh in the image as well it may help to see exactly what is going on? That way we can narrow down if your mesh or any other variable is causing the problem.


Ah, I found it. I just had to decrease the lightmap resolution of the BSP instead of increasing it.

Thanks for the help.