Stationary Directional light not giving sharp dynamic shadow of the leaves

I’m using the latest version of unreal which was 4.25.3 Btw, I have a static actor which is a tree with animated foliage using the material. i get the only tree without shadows of the leaves.

After that, i enabled the following screenshot. “Cast Dynamic Shadow as mask”.

And this is what i get in the viewport.

Now i make my sunlight Movable. and this is what i get.

After increasing value 3 to 4, this is what i get.

Same settings with the stationary light I get this

realtime looks:

[Stationary light][7]

[Dynamic light][8]

If you know how to improve shadows of the leaves of stationary lights, Please Share.

If you want stationary lights and sharp shadows for nearby objects, strangely enough in the directional light details change ‘dynamic shadow distance stationary light’ to about 2500. ( After building light ).

One strange things here is: this is the only issue of directional light. other point light or spot light actor behave as expected. i mean have sharp animated shadow.

And “dynamic shadow distance” is diabled ot grayed out.

Is it set to stationary?

Yap.! …

The SOlution: Build lightmass.

Well, I sort of assumed you had done that… :wink: