Stationary Directional light and instanced foliage issue

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone else is having issues with baked shadows not showing up on instanced foliage painted with the foliage tool.
I have a stationary directional light and static skylight in my scene. The foliage is all set to static, I have placed the foliage as regular static mesh which the baked shadows do appear on once the cascaded shadows cull out so this isnt a lightmap issue. Also, just to clarify, i’m talking about shadows being cast from other assets and baked onto the foliage, not shadows cast by the foliage itself.

I imagine it has something to do with the fact that instanced foliage is all dynamic?

In the first image here I have a grass asset ( top row are static mesh placed by hand/ bottom row is instanced foliage painted with the foliage tool)

In this screen, both are receiving dynamic shadows and everything is fine

However once I start pulling the camera away, the dynamic shadows cull out and switch to baked shadows, but the baked shadows only show up for the placed foliage, not the instanced.