StaticMeshActor Collision in Blueprint doesn't run the OnComponentHit-event?

I want to create a Blueprint with a sphere, that detects it, when it collides with another object.
So I added a normal sphere collision to the sphere and created a Blueprint with the sphere.
The problem I have is, that when I let collide it with a normal Cube (StaticMeshActor), the Cube detects the collision and gets a physical impulse, but when I let it collide with another Blueprint, that has also a StaticMeshActor with collision, nothing happens.
I also saw, that the OnComponentHit event never runs (also not, when it collides with the Cube).
I dont use physics. Have I to use them? Or how can I do it without physics (because I dont want to use then, because I want to do some not-physical stuff afer a Hit with anoter actor)?
Any ideas? :frowning:
Thanks for answers

Most likely the problem is that you have not set the correct collision settings. Try setting the collision volume of the other blueprint to BlockAll. That should fix it. To fine tune it you need to only use the correct channels for your blueprint, but that comes later.


I already set all all collisions to block all.
I have the solution:
The problem was, that I was setting the location of the Actor (in a Timeline) to simulate a flying object, but I did not check the checkbox “Sweep” at the set location node.