Static Skylight and Movable Objects

Hey everyone.
So while working on my scene, I’ve noticed when making an object (which was earlier Static) Movable that the Skylight now lights it regardless of the surroundings.
I’ve tried to find a workaround for this, but since I want the light-bleed from the Skylight and since my scene is just one room, I’m stumped.
Does anyone know of a good way to fix this?

The object in question is the globe:

you can also check the box “light as if static” (not the answer you want but possibly helpful?)
I’d wager a guess that you need more indirect light cache? those volume lighting samples.

Thanks for your reply.
Since the object can be moved by interaction (can be spun by player) the shadow spins with it if I put in “light as if static”.
What is indirect light caching? Could that potentially help?

Fixed it! Thanks to the tip of VolumeLightSamples that you gave in the other thread, I saw that the light sampled was outside, so I built some more ceiling around the light and it works!