Static shadows with stationary directional lightmap

I have fully static scene with stationary lightmap, with epic quality settings it looks ok, but if I set settings to low, shadows just disappear. And quality of shadows from static meshes same with dynamic shadows quality, which means that shadows are not even bake! How to bake shadows with stationary light?
I’d like such result: static shadows are always static, so with low settings it would be same as static lightning, but when I set higher shadows (high, epic) static shadows won’t be changes, it will just add character dynamic shadow

This the problem of Cascaded Shadow Maps. Everything within the Dynamic Shadow Range is dynamically lit and removes baked shadows.
Disable the Cascaded Shadow Maps (by setting the Dynamic Shadow Range to 0). It will then use per-object shadows

Is this the only solution? I’m working with mobile, so there’s (as far as I know) supports only CSM and Modulatet shadows, but modulated is very buggy, so CSM seems to be the only solution

Found solution.
Just set CSM distance via “r.Shadow.DistanceScale 0” and “r.Shadow.CSM.MaxMobileCascades 0” with low, med, high settings and “r.Shadow.DistanceScale 2000”, “r.Shadow.CSM.MaxMobileCascades 3” with epic

Not dynamically lit. The direct term of a stationary light is dynamic regardless of the cascaded shadow distance. What is dynamic is the shadows. They’re two different things.