Static Shadows Fully Black

I dont understand why my static shadows are fully black ?
It seems it doesnt get any kind of indirect lighting.
I didnt even use a custom mesh. I just started a new level with starter content and just used floor mesh in architecture folder and sm_cornerframe in props folder.


You’ll want to add a Sky Light to your scene using the modes panel under lighting. This will give you the softer shadows you’re looking for.

You’re image link appears to be broken as well.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


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Tim, isn’t static lights supposed to have indirect lighting ?
This light is not movable as specified in title, in text and in screenshot.

Yes but you don’t really have anything for the light to bounce of, most of the light will just go into the empty black void around your level. If you place a wall behind the box that the light can bounce of you will get a lighter shadow.

It solved, thanks…

Well, you have SINGLE light that cast shadows in complete darkness. If you look closely at your image you will find some light bounces on your mesh from ground. You can’t get nice soft ambient lighting from complete darkness, it just doesn’t work like this