Static PointLights turn off when rebuilding lighting

Hi guys,
I have several PointLights, all set to static. When I add them to the scene they emit light. But if I rebuild the lighting they all get turned off even with ‘affect world’ and ‘intensity’ enabled, if I touch any of these properties they turn on again.
If set to ‘stationary’ or ‘movable’ they don’t get turn off when rebuilding light.

Any idea why?

Problem is still there, if anyone has any idea, I would be really grateful.

maybe you don’t have the resolution in your lightmaps or a problem with your lightmap setup?

is the scene bsp or static mesh? does the repro in a new map with the default floor and sky? did you place a lightmass importance volume (forgetting shouldn’t cause the problem but still will improve quality and good to check).

Hi Ryan,
scene is made of static meshes, and lightmass volume is there. It doesn’t happen in a new map.

I would then focus on trying to find out what it is about your actual map that is causing the problem. Your new best friend is a little method called the binary search. Ie, delete half of your stuff and save as a new map and try again. if problem still occurs… delete again half and save as new map and rebuild again… if the problem goes away you backtrack to the last version and delete half of different stuff than you deleted last time. At some point there are only a few things left and you either narrow it down or your intuition kicks in and you realize what the problem is.

I’ll try and report back :slight_smile:
Thanks for the moment Ryan, very appreciated.

Reduced to only have one floor panel and one static light, and as long as the panel mesh is within the static light scope, after building the light goes off.
So it’s a problem with this mesh, and I don’t understand what could be given that it’s just a resized base cube…

Solved, it was a problem with lightmap configuration. :slight_smile: