static point light dont work anymore for mobile?

i place a point light, set it to static, it work fine on computer, but on mobile and in mobile preview its dark, no light at all

in documentation it say static point light is supported, did i miss something ?

and my building lighting always stuck at 99% and never end, dont know why, any way to see a log to understand why it stuck at 99%?

Hi Skeleton60,

I’ve not had the same issue on a simple test scene I did with the FirstPerson Template and the Android device I have.

Some things to try that may help as a test.

  • Use one of the template projects like FirstPerson Template.
  • Place two Point Lights set to Static a couple of meters above the ground.
  • Set the intensity of the point lights to 100000 (max slider value)
  • Build the lighting.
  • Launch on device.

When I do this, I see the same results on both. With static lighting this shouldn’t have an issue showing on Mobile.

With the lighting stuck at 99% I’m not sure if it’s related directly, but we do have a few issues with Swarm Agent/Lightmass getting stuck in some instances that has been reported with UE-20782, but it has not been fixed just yet.

Let me know if you see different results with the test case I have above.

Thank you!


yes it work, it didnt work in my project due to the build stuck at 99%