Static meshes stored inside actors cause lag/freezing while vertex painting 4.16


So for a project i’m working on, a blueprint was used to create modular buildings. These buildings are essentially an array of static meshes positioned around each other to form the shell of a building. Attempting to vertex paint on these after upgrading to 4.16 causes the scene to freeze for a second or so, and no vertex paint to transfer over unless the painting is done in single clicks. Clicking and dragging results in a prolonged freeze.

As a test, i constructed a building manually in the world with the same parts as used in the blueprint array, vertex painting on these is fine. If i select all of the mesh elements, and convert them to a single actor, i get lag/freezing when i paint on that actor. Similarly, if i create a blank actor, and create a building manually in there with static meshes, i get freezing/lag. The more static meshes in the actor, the greater the freeze/lag.

This is pretty much a game-breaker for me right now. It makes vertex painting impossible.

Hey Almighty_gir,

So I just ran a very simple test on my end with a number of cubes places as walls in an actor blueprint, and using a very simple material with Vertex Color and did not get any freezing/lagging on my end.

Would you mind sharing with me a test blueprint or simple project where the issue is reproducible?

Thank you,