Static Meshes and Visibility

If static meshes are not visible, do they cost anything? Let’s just say that I wanted 10000 static meshes in a level, but only 100 of them set to visible while all of the others are hidden. How would this compare to having 100 static meshes and no invisible ones? Also how would this change if I used instanced meshes instead of real ones? Sorry I know it’s a weird question. Anyways would be cool if anyone could help though.


If objects invisible and not preloaded, they not present in memory. But, if mesh heavy, you get lag during load after set it visible. Invisible instances work like not preloaded, but without lag. Since they are simply copied into the memory.

Thanks I’ll keep that in mind then.

Is there a way to make only part of a static mesh visible/invisible? I new to unreal 4

Yes, you can do that through material manipulation on your mesh. Setup a masked material (plug in a constant with the value of 0 into the alpha) and apply a unique material to the mesh in your preferred modeling package. Apply the masked material to this slot in UE4 and it will become invisible. =)