Static Mesh Shadows are bad, stationary & dynamic Shadows are perfect?

Hello Community, i know that many people ask this question but:

I created some assets for the marketplace and I have no idea but when i import them and build the shadows with “Production” Quality, the shadows are nearly not existing.
When i enable stationary lightning with cascade shadows OR dynamic lightning they looking perfect …

  • Iam using auto generated Lightmap UV (it looks fine but they dont work with Static Lighting…)
  • Then i created my own Lightmap UV in Blender (looks also fine, dont work with Static Lighting…)
  • I increased the Floor Light Resolution (dont solved my problem)
  • I increased the Light Map Resolution of my Static Mesh (dont solved my problem)
  • I tested it with the default cube and a thin cylinder with the same results

Has anyone an idea? I think i cant publish the objects in the Marketplace when I just can use stationary or dynamic lighting … i can’t find the solution

Some Screenshots of my Lightmap which are not working correctly (?)

Second link is not avaliable.

This should go in the rendering section to get proper traction.
Blame the new forum… I’m sure I was in the animation section.

And, I think it’s an engine setting you have toggled on - it sure looks like an artifact caused by a reduction of the shadow resolution or something similar.

With that in mind, what is the resolution on the tile that’s on the floor?

Also, so long as your object has good UVs and the demo map you have for them doesn’t present the issue you’ll probably pass the QC for publishing.

Looking at the lightmap, if you want to be precise it can definitely use proper work.
You need to create the map directly at the resolution you use as the base in engine, and you need to align the uv to pixels - also space islands out more so that changing the resolution won’t cause bleeding between them.

And last but not least, to keep the kit consistent you want to have the same texel density across all the objects of the same kit, for both lightmaps and regular maps.
It’s near impossible to find kits on the marketplace with that level of detail anyway, but if you are doing it, consider it.

2nd link broken, 1st link has crappy uvs, also increase lightmap res.


Here you can see my Light UV (second version)
The funny thing is, 3 other people have exact the same problem with new or already existing projects with my 3D Model AND also with another similar Marketplace Pack.

The Static Mesh Shadows are very very bad in general - the similar pack, my pack, another approved marketplace pack, they all dont work with static lighting of the “directional light”, with pointlitghts AND the directional light set on stationary (and cascade shadows) or dynamic it works fine

Your lightmap resolution on the floor is too low

Static shadows work fine, you just don’t understand how they work. Static shadows get baked down to a lightmap texture on the receiving objects. Their quality is dependent on the lightmap resolution. You say you already tried increasing the floor lightmap resolution, but frankly I think you must have made a mistake.


Yep you are correct, it was the floor - my mistake
Thank you ^^

I tested it with a resolution up to 512px without a difference, but now i tested it with 2048px and yea it works fine :smiley: