static mesh seems to "shiver" when camera is rotated around it. (video)

I’m getting a weird “jittery” effect on this static mesh when I rotate around my scene. This only happens at run time, in the viewport it’s smooth as butter.

Can anyone give me a hint as to why this is happening? thanks.

This was happening to me for a while, restarting unreal would stop it for me. It would eventually come back after about 15 minutes of coding and testing. Then another restart would fix it again. For some reason unknown to me, it doesn’t happen anymore, or at least hasn’t happened for a while

unfortunately engine (or computer) restart doesn’t seem to help at all for me.

Must be a different issue for you then, sorry. Are there any animations attached to this object? And since its a square tile looking piece, are you doing any forced grid snapping to align it in the world?

edit: oh I just noticed its only happening when you rotate and not when the camera is stationary. Looks like a motion blur or something. You said when playing in the editor this doesn’t happen? I might try it on another computer, maybe need to update video card drivers or you might try disabling motion blur if its on:

I edited by comment with some more info. But are those static meshes all the same size? or are they different parts of the same group object. If they are all the same size in the world I can see this happening and probably not much you can do about it. I’ve seen AAA games have this issue when mesh faces are in the same place but the camera moves around, it doesn’t know which one to draw first and it ends up flickering.

it is actually 9 instanced static meshes in a single blueprint. yes they are snapped to a grid but they aren’t animated at all.

Thanks for trying :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the response.
Motion blur is already off.
they are instance static meshes all spawned from within the same blueprint and are snapped to a 500x500 grid.

Are the meshes overlapping at all? I generally only see this when meshes have overlapping parts or are completely overlapping. Not really sure though, seems weird that you wouldnt see it in the engine itself though. If you don’t mind posting the project up somewhere I can take a look.