Static Mesh Rendering And Not Rendering Shadow

I need help again, so I modeled the pillar of the image above so you can see the pillars are rendering a bugged shadow, the shadow in the act of rendering this kind of a blurred bug, but when I go behind the pillar the shadow is the way That was meant to be
So, does anyone know what it can be and how to solve it? If it was my mistake at the time of the modeling or it is a bug msm, I do not know if there is any problem, but I modeled the pillar with a box.
I already build the map and if I move the static mesh the shadow back, but if I build the map again the shadow gets bugged again.

Is the light source the SUN?
Are you using a stationary Directional light?

and if the answers will be both YES…is you pillar mesh a STATIC OR MOVEABLE MESH?

and maybe a screen of your light settings and mesh setting will be helpful :slight_smile:

Its a Static Mesh, could you tell me the difference between Static Mesh and Moveable Mesh?
Light Settings

Mesh Settings

The lightmap resolution on the ground is too low, The lightmap on the pillar is likely too low as well since it’s using the default 64 resolution which is only 64x64 pixels

Okay, can you tell me how lightmaps works or point me to a topic I can read to know how it works and what resolution I can put in order to render it normally? because it has a pillar that correctly renders the shadow
Because I switched to light and nothing, now I lost the effect I wanted and I can not do it again kkkkk
Because I need to learn, because otherwise my project will not go forward

Press Alt + 0 in your viewport
you will see lightmaps resolutions in scene.
then select floor mesh and set override lightmap resolution for it to bigger value.

another way - set some distance for cascaded shadow maps in directional light actor (sun)

hey, why geometry doesn’t change the lightmaps?/
After trying and trying your suggestions
I tried figure out what as happen, why my static wasn’t casting shadows and what is the problem
And the problem was that i was using geometry box as floor
With Geometry box as floor

With Third person stair

Thanks for the help