Static Mesh, performance going half with 30 movable meshes?!

I have three rings of floor tiles, they have a grand total of 30 tiles that may fall into a pit unders different circumstances.

My project is VR so I try to stay below 11ms, and so far there is no problem, all lights are static except one Stationary light, I´m working with the forward renderer and in general my performance is great, but when I put the tiles no matter if I use plain static meshes, instanced static meshes or hierarchical instanced static meshes, but my performance goes down up to 22ms, and there is no programming on the meshes yet, so it´s just the meshes.

Here is pic of the tiles, all the variables and arrays you see there are nothing because everything is disabled:

Anyone have any idea on why is this happening?

Please help!

BTW my computer is a 5960X with a 1080 and 64Gb of RAM, so that cut in performance is even more scarier…



Anyway. Did you tried to use detail profiling to understand where this drop appears? In lightning, physics, bluprints performance or somewhere else?

Another question. Why do you use hierarchial instances? As i know it used for ism with lods, so you have any lods for this meshes.

Allow me to bump this so maybe someone can check this, I´ll post in the forums too.

I don´t understand why only 30 static meshes, or even instanced static meshes can kill the performance…

I think the problem were the shadows but I have not solved the problem yet, lack of time, I just removed those objects in the meantime.

Thanks for trying!

I´ll come back when I know something new…