Static mesh paired with motion controller appears at wrong height

I have a pawn that consists of a camera and a static mesh paired to one of the vive motion controllers.
The physical vive controller is attached to a cart and is roughly 100cm off the ground. The user pushes this cart and in the vr world a virtual cart (the pawn) moves in sync with the real world cart.
The problem is that the pawn is floating off the ground in VR preview mode. I have tried moving the height of the static mesh and the camera but it hasn’t worked. Is there a link between the pivot point of the static mesh and its height in the environment ? Any suggestions ?

Is the static mesh you use on the motion controller at 0,0,0? or you can see that there is a noticeable distance from the axis origin to the static mesh, with its value set at 0,0,0?

If you have to shift/offset the height you can use a scene component, and parent what you need under it, then adjusting the height.

I used this trick with a Pawn I’m currently using, and it’s working fine ( camera+motion controllers are parented under the scene component ), so you can use the same thing for the static mesh you have on the motion controller, and adjust the position using that scene component.

Perfect - great advice - works great. Thanks so much.