Static Mesh Morph Target Does it require a joint

Trying to create damage effect on a static mesh using morph targets.

For example: when you hit a steel drum it gets dented and the more you attack it the more extreme the dents get. I would like the effect to take place in both the normal map and the geo itself (that’s where the morph target comes in).

So when looking at the docs, it seems like I need to add a joint just so I can import the FBX as a skeletal mesh which would allow the importer to pick up the blend shapes.

Is there a way around having this joint or is it 100% necessary, also is it possible to have custom collisions for each blend shape.



In last versions you do not need adding joint to static mesh with morph target. UE4 do this self during import. For this, you should enable parameter Import Skeletal Mesh in FBX Import dialog.