Static Mesh looses texture/material after dropped into Class Blueprint

It is most likely something minuscule. The way I add custom media to levels is import Mesh and Texture, drop the texture on mesh and that creates a custom material for that mesh for edits.

However I have a table top lamp so I want to use the class blueprint so that I wouldn’t have to position lights under each one. (this is an office level so you might imagine…) However when I drop the mesh into the class blueprint components, it looses its texture and material and I can’t seem to figure out how to re-assign it back.

But of course I find the solution myself AFTER I ask someone else. Solution: When selecting the mesh in the Components, the ***Rendering Tab has a + sign to add a material where you can re-add the material for the mesh. Just drag and drop it into the newly created thumbnail box.

Thanks UE team for making this idiot-proof

Thanks for posting that