Static Mesh LOD Foliage Group Has only 1 LOD?

When you open a static mesh and then in the right choose LOD Defaults and choose Foliage there is only 1 LOD created. If you choose any of the other groups it creates multiple LODS, like “Detailed” creates 6 LODs and then Large Prop and small prop creates 5 LODS.

I am trying to decide what LOD option to choose for HISM static meshes and wonder if the Foliage would be the best option but it is strange that it has only one LOD.

Do you know why Foliage Group only has 1 LOD?

Thank you,

Figured this out on my own, I think :slight_smile: When you choose the Foliage LOD t only has one and you have to manually choose how many LODS you want then then for each LOD you have to change the reduction settings. I ended up just using the Large prop group.