Static Mesh lighting problem

Hi, I have not been able to continue making my scene in UE4 because something is wrong with the static meshes in my level…


As you can see… The lighting is not built properly on ceiling and floor… the floor, the ceiling and in fact, the walls are all static meshes.
I have used the lightmap coordinate index of 1 in the static meshes’ properties so it utilizes the UV Map that UE4 automatically generates but it has for some reason caused this problem.

Can somebody help me please?


The lightmap that UE4 generates is likely not very good, you can get better results doing it yourself and disabling the automatic generation of lightmap UV’s. Also, make sure your lightmap resolution is high enough.

The lightmap generation is based on the original UVs you provided. So if the original was ****, then the lightmap can’t be made well. Can you show us your UVs for that ceiling? And go to “Lit” > Lightmap Density to see what the lightmap looks like in terms of pixel density.


This is the Ceiling’s UV Map on Channel 0


And this is the Ceiling’s UV Map on Channel 1 which is the one generated by UE4.


And this is the Lightmap Density of the Ceiling.

Now, as you said before StehpaBon, it is best to do the UV maps yourself… Can you possibly tell me how I do that and how it works? Thanks!