Static mesh imported from Blender, texture scaling issues

Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying out Unreal Engine 4 for a few days, and I’ve started to import a static mesh from Blender to the engine. But I have an issue with how the material is scaling.
See here : ://imgur/TXvFzzX Left is a wall from Starter content, and left is mine.

I’m new to either UE or Blender, so I guess I’ve missed something. I did an UV mapping in Blender with Lightmap pack, unwrap, or Smart UV Project. And the lightmap was done in UE while importing.
I can achieve a good looking wall by increasing U and VTiling in Texcoord but I think it can be fixed other but by making a custom material and ajusting U and VTiling for each mesh.

Dunno if I explained it well, thanks for reading though :stuck_out_tongue:


-either fix it in your 3d program -> scale up your uv’s
-or use a texture coordinate in your material :slight_smile: