Static Mesh Glitch

Why are black marks appearing? these assets worked fine in UE4.

Hey @RoryG42, welcome to the forums! I’ve seen this issue a couple of times, and there are a ton of possible problems. Since it was functioning fine for you in UE4, I’m going to assume it’s either the new shadow mapping, Ray traced shadows, or LOD’s.

For the first 2 possibilities this post links to a good video that runs through a bunch of solutions. Foliage issue - #2 by ClockworkOcean

Lastly, if you can play with the static mesh’s LODs and see if any of it’s possible LOD’s stop this from occurring.

Hope this helps, let me know if you find anything out or if any of these options work!

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Hi! I saw very very similar effect on my mesh years ago. In my case my mesh had interior faces, after I removed them the mesh worked as I expected.

The selected face is the interrior face. You can select it automaticaly with blender. Edit mode—>Select—>Select all by trait—>interior faces

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Thanks I will try these, just to be clear it was a UE4 project converted to a UE5 one so that might be the issue. If I start a new project in UE5 I don’t get the same problems.

This is also using the foliage paint system, if I add the asset to the map normally there is also no issue.

Yeah I was trying to replicate it in the foliage system in general with random assets I had around but nada. Thinking it might be the project upgrading that caused the issue too. Definitely let me know what else you find out!

So I thought I would do an update to what happened. After trying many ways of converting the old project, migrating assets, removing foliage and starting again, nothing seemed to work. In the end the best thing to do is start a new project in UE5 or keep working in 4.

If you really want to keep an old project but use it in UE5, just delete all the foliage and reimport all the assets and re paint them in UE5.

Also if you find the migrating UE4 project has bad FPS in 5, its mainly because of Lumen, you can use the old ray tracing system.

Thanks for the update! I’m going to put this in my “Continue to try to replicate” bucket for the future. There’s a ton of changes to UE5 that translating projects is no small feat, so having this occur and make it harder is definitely rough. Hope the project is going well despite all of this!

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All this foliage took a while to put back in but Its going pretty well, thanks.

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