Static mesh error on shortcut use

“Warning A valid static mesh must be specified” error repo:

  1. Load any standard level (I use the shooter framework example)

  2. Look at a surface like a floor with the camera above it

  3. Hold S and click on the surface with the LMB

This will usually cause a backward movement on the camera, but it will also cause a “Warning A valid static mesh must be specified.” error in the bottom right corner. If you don’t get the message, click faster in the same area.
This happens even when a valid static mesh is selected.

Ideal outcome: Static Mesh is placed where S + LMB is pressed, like some older versions of UE.

You can also see the same error message if you go into simulation mode (alt+s) and then S + RMB in the scene. Not that I would expect meshes to be added in simulation mode.

Hey Agent-

Thanks for bringing this up. We have it as an open issue to be looked into (TTP #313608) and hope to have it resolved in a future update.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Was this ever solved? I miss this sooo much.

Hey Casper Wermuth-

This is still being looked into however we do not have any update at the moment as to when the fix will be implemented.

Thanks a lot for the status update, .