static mesh changes material quality (lod) as I move away fix?

I’m having this weird problem with my static mesh. As I move away from my static mesh, the quality of the material/texture on the mesh lowers. It’s like some LOD effect, but the weird part is that my static mesh does not have a lod when I export it from Maya 2015. I tried applying the same material/texture on a different static mesh to see if it was the material causing the problem, it’s not. How do I get rid of the static mesh material lod problem? I don’t know how it got this problem. Here’s some image previews:

That’s the texture LOD. Open up the texture in content browser and set texture group to Cinematic if you dont want it to happen, which is not suggested for in-game textures.

I can’t find texture group ‘cinematic’. Why does the texture I’m using for the door get so low quality when I’m only a few steps away. The concrete textures on the wall is double the resolution and doesn’t have any lod. It’s too noticeable. Here’s the screenshot of my texture settings:

You may be running out of gfx memory. And Cinematic is there. Click on World to open up the drop down list…it’s around the middle of that list.

Opps, found it! I don’t think I’m running out of gfx memory because I’m getting a solid frame rate (I get over 100 fps in this map). Is there a way to make your own ‘world’ lod for the textures? Make it not change quality so quickly?