Static Mesh and Actors not triggering overlap events

Using 4.19 from Github.

I am trying to make an RTS game which will require me to have a way to check whether there is already a building where I am trying to place a new one.

I have a ‘ghost’ building that uses the same model as the building that I want to place with a transparent material. Both the actual buildings and the ghost building mesh components are set to generate overlap events and everything but no overlap triggers.

Events on each actor:

Settings on both mesh components (Note that I have tried everything as WorldStatic and WorldDynamic):

Settings on static mesh asset itself:

Does your Static Mesh Actor itself have collision? Sometimes when you import a custom static mesh it doesn’t have collision on it so you have to go into the actor itself and apply a collision of some sort. I usually just use a simplified collision.

I just made a BP. It just has a cube in it and a collision box which is the same size as the cube. No other changes.

I placed one in the level and spawned the other on top of it at begin play. I get an overlap event.

Maybe you’re trying too there… ( I certainly have got lost in the configuration of overlaps :wink: )

I guess you have to add a box collision then? I just assumed static meshes could trigger overlaps but I guess not.

Not as part of a BP I think, unless I’ve been missing something all along ( quite possible… )