Static Mesh added into to MyCharacter doesn't move with Character

Total newbie beginner question:

I have a MyCharacter asset consisting of a Capsule Component (Inherited), ArrowComponent (Inherited), Mesh (Inherited), CharacterMovement component (inherited), First Person Camera, a skeletal mesh with animations (inside the camera), and a static mesh (a sphere) also inside the camera.

When I run the game, the First Person mesh (arms and gun) move perfectly with the camera, but the static sphere I added does not move with the character. Is there a way to make the sphere move with the character?

Has the asset type been changed to movable at the top of the details panel?

Excellent question, and yes, the sphere is movable.

How are you moving your character in the Event Graph? Are you using the “Add Movement Input” referencing the “Player Character” “Forward” and “Right Vector”? It should move all components inside the character blueprint.

Here’s the Event graph. The Mesh1P does animate correctly, but the sphere does not move with the character.

Figured it out. The problem was I had created an instance of My Character in the game so I could see how it looked in the world. When I deleted the instance of MyCharacter and just allowed it to be spawned on start, everything works as expected.