Static Mesh Actor has null static mesh property

How Do I get rid of this Error


Remove the static mesh component that doesn’t have a static mesh assigned to it. If you click on name of the BP next to the magnifying glass it should open the BP that has the offending static mesh with the null property. Just assign a Static Mesh or delete that component.

Hi there, sorry to reopen the old thread,

Is it possible to just hide this message?

I have modular BPs with many static mesh components, allowing for different configurations.
In some cases, I want to just have no mesh in some of those static mesh components. I don’t want to put placeholders etc.
But when I build the light there is a wall of warnings that bothers me. If there are some real errors they would be easy to miss.

I cannot remove them because they have children. I tried to set visibility to false but it does not make the warning disappear. Any ideas?

I’m also all of a sudden having this issue after trying building lighting. So much of my **** game in unreal with modular bps that by nature have empty static modules. A year and this never ****ing happens before now. 4.20

I need this solved now

It’s not a big problem, just a warning. It doesn’t break anything and can be ignored (just it’s annoying to see this wall of warnings every time)

It might be best to set the default mesh to something simple like a small cube and have the visibility turned off by default? It seems risky to just leave it as null when the editor complains about it. Never know if something down the line is going to break or crash because it’s expecting a non-null result…

i’m just talking out of my aspirin but… if lighting is expecting to see something, its expecting to see something… so maybe put a transparent material on the mesh?