Static lights wont work with paper2d?

Hello friends,

Can you give me a little help? In my paper2d project I have tried everything to make Static Lights working with paper2d. Stationary and Movable lights are working fine, but not for Static Light.

When I place a static light into the scene, in the perspective it seens to work (lighting up the tileset and flipbooks) but when I build lights the Static light just desappear.

I have activated the option inside the DefaultSpriteMaterial to work with static lights, tried a lot of things but without success. I put a default cube side-by-side of the paper2d components in scene to test the light, and for the cube the Static Lights it’s working fine (illuminating and generating shadow). But the light just not affect paper2d tilemaps and flipbooks.

I have attached a image then you can see it.

PS: I’m not using ortograph câmera, I’m using perspective.
PS2: the problem are not at the DefaultSpriteMaterial, I’ve applied it to the cube and the static light still working to this cube.

sorry to disturb but I really not found anything about this =/

Best Regards,